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Staff Augmentation

Go8it provides end-to-end solutions for businesses to get products in the market. Our team augmentation model allows you to scale out with additional engineers based upon your requirements. Go8it is a team with an augmentation services provider that helps you build your products, from small to big businesses that compete on the global stage. Our Augmentation model allows us to augment your team with other tech professionals like QA engineers or technical writers. This means our engineers are dedicated to you and will work full time on your product development and have no simultaneous projects distracting them. Our flexible staffing model allows us to scale up or down based upon your requirements at a moment’s notice.

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    We implement lean business processes and effective strategies to assist you in achieving your business goals and increase the productivity, quality, and competitiveness of your workforce. Go8it offers you several other value-added services such as Launch Workshop, Security Testing, Process Consulting, and Technical Consulting. These services ensure the smooth integration of your remote development team and help you grow your business faster.

    Go8it Staff Augmentation Process:

    The Go8it process allows the customer to not only build a cross-functional team but also to hire that team remotely.

    Go8it Staff Augmentation Process is the most comprehensive, global recruitment process. Based on your requirements, our recruiters find candidates for you, interview them using their webcams and our proprietary software, and provide the most relevant candidates based on your needs.

    Our staff augmentation process means you get all the benefits of a fully-fledged development team in your office without the overhead of hiring, managing, and paying a full-time employee. Our experts provide an all-around onboarding process and handle all administrative hassles, so you can focus on what’s important.

    Go8it is an Augmentation Process that makes sure that your business, customers, and managers are all happy. We assign an HR/Client manager to ensure a strong working relationship with your augmented team. To help promote a friendly environment, we organize regular team-building activities and quarterly reviews of the staff.

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